Your clients have a lot on their plate—from the day-to-day tasks that keep operations humming to big-picture initiatives that can take them to the next level, they’ll take all the help they can get. If our recent survey of over 500 HR leaders is any indication, your clients are also experiencing significant levels of stress.

Here’s a list of the top challenges facing your clients—and how referring them to the right HCM partner can strengthen your status as a trusted advisor.

Challenge 1: Keeping talented people

The “Great Resignation” has been a popular topic among clients for the last few years. And, based on our survey, it’s not going anywhere: 42 percent of HR leaders don’t believe that the Great Resignation is over. Making life even more complicated for your clients, 51 percent of leaders believe retaining top talent will be more difficult this year.

Solution: Top performers want to be engaged and feel valued through recognition. An HCM provider with a platform that offers these tools can go a long way in helping your clients keep their roster full of talent. With an intelligently connected HCM platform, your clients can enable employees to set and track goals, take charge of their education and customize paths for career growth.

Challenge 2: Finding new talent

HR leaders aren’t just worried about keeping their top people: they’re also deeply concerned about finding new talent to keep operations moving forward. 44 percent of surveyed leaders indicated that talent acquisition will be more difficult this year, while 28 percent expect it to be about the same. According to respondents, recruiting is getting more difficult due to competitors with larger budgets, remote work expectations and a larger talent shortage.

Solution: Hiring can be a lengthy and complicated process for your clients. Referring them to the right HCM solution makes it infinitely easier. With an intelligently connected HCM platform, clients can automate manual hiring tasks, stay top of mind with top talent and make informed hiring decisions through analytics.

Challenge 3: Improving the employee experience

Employee expectations are growing, and so are the expectations of your clients to provide superior employee experience (EX). Unfortunately, outdated and subpar HR solutions can significantly harm EX. In our Voice of the Workforce survey, 31 percent of employees say their HR department makes frequent payroll and attendance errors. Nothing is a bigger morale killer than making mistakes on payday.

We also found that a substantial number of employees say they are lacking the right HR tech to do their job effectively. Among the missing technology were role-specific tools (51 percent), a learning management system for self-paced learning and career development (36 percent) and anywhere, anytime access to self-service tools for HR-related tasks (33 percent).

Solution: Your clients can bolster EX by giving their employees access to consumer-grade technology at work. With the right solution, your clients can manage HR and payroll, talent acquisition and workforce management, all in one place. This will allow your clients to provide their employees with superior EX, creating happier employees that are likely to stay and continue to make an impact on their organization.

Happy clients are loyal clients. Build stickier relationships by recommending a solution that addresses what’s top of mind.

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