In today’s complicated business landscape, employers are seeking solutions to help them address challenges—from maintaining staff to mitigating risk.

As a trusted business advisor, you are in a position to help identify concerns and recommend technology and service providers. Doing so boosts client loyalty and builds stronger relationships, giving you a competitive advantage.

Take a proactive approach by asking the right questions. While asking straightforwardly “When it comes to managing your workforce, what is your greatest challenge?” may prompt some clients to reveal their concerns, others may require a bit more probing.

Here are some questions to ask to open the lines of communication and get to the crux of the challenges your clients face.

Is Engagement an Issue?

Organizations with engaged employees have an edge when it comes to acquiring, developing and retaining talent. According to isolved’s 2022 Transforming Employee Experience report, three-quarters of HR leaders rate their organization’s current employee experience (EX)— which is essential to engagement — as good or outstanding. However, most feel there’s room for improvement. In fact, 83 percent are making it a priority this year.

To determine if EX is top of mind for your clients, consider asking these thought-provoking questions.

What is the likelihood of your employees recommending your company to friends seeking employment?

Do you feel your employees go above and beyond for your company, and how do you measure this?

What strategies do you have in place to develop and train your employees to help them succeed?

What are some reasons employees are drawn to your organization?

What are some reasons your employees leave?

Compliance a Concern?

Workplace-related litigation is on the rise. In 2021, a new record was set for class action settlements: $3.19 billion. That’s compared to $1.58 billion in 2020. Fortunately, there are many ways organizations can minimize their odds of a lawsuit such as reviewing policies, updating their employee handbook and using technology to track time, maintain records and more.

These questions will reveal whether compliance is a sore spot, as it is with many employers, and whether they are taking appropriate action to safeguard themselves from the threat of a lawsuit.

How does your company keep current with changes in employment law?

Do you have an employee handbook? How often do you review and update it?

How many hours a week do you currently spend on HR-related tasks? How many hours do you think are ideal?

How confident are you in your organization’s ability to survive a Department of Labor audit?

Do you use software to help you track PTO, manage employee information, keep records?

Provide Answers. Reap Benefits.

Once you’ve identified your clients’ challenges, you can position yourself as a resource by providing access to solutions that can alleviate them.

isolved’s intelligently connected HCM technology and HR services can help your clients boost engagement and reduce the risk of non-compliance by streamlining critical HR tasks—payroll, scheduling, benefits administration and more.